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Looking Into the Extreme End of the Near Infrared

This unique book provides an in-depth look at digital infrared photography that will interest you in looking into a world that truly cannot be seen by the unaided eye. In addition to insightful background on the principles and techniques of digital infrared, this book includes a collection of over 160 high resolution infrared photographs from California, Hawaii, Illinois and Tokyo, Japan.

Unlike other infrared books on the market that feature images recorded with essentially dark red filters such as the Hoya R72 (720nm), the images in this book were captured using true infrared filters that only pass light in the extreme end of the near infrared portion of the spectrum (850nm, 900nm and 1000nm IR filters), well beyond the range of human vision and the world of visible color. The stunning black and white infrared images cover a wide variety of topics in infrared photography including indoor and outdoor nudes, architecture, landscapes, nature and more.

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Looking Into the Extreme End of the Near Infrared

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