Hoya RM100 Infrared Filter

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Hoya RM100 IR Filter 49mm

Manufactured, coated, polished and mounted exclusively for us in limited quantity by Hoya Corporation in Japan. Designed for infrared enabled digital SLRs and infrared film, the RM100  filter transmits infrared light above 1000 nanometers while blocking all visible light. Here are the Hoya design specifications of this filter, followed by an analysis of the RM100 conducted by Dr. Carlos Cuervo using a double beam U-2000 Hitachi spectrophometer (note the RM100 peak at 1000nm on the display and the line highlighted in yellow on the graph). 

This professional-grade filter is made of 2.42 mm thick high quality Hoya optical glass and has Hoya's Infrared Optimized Anti-Reflective Coating applied to both the front and back filter surfaces which increases the quality of the resulting infrared image. Each filter is packaged in a protective plastic filter case.

The RM100 comes in a 49mm standard thread size. Please contact us regarding adapters for different thread sizes.  We are the only place that you can buy a genuine RM100 infrared filter that has been manufactured, coated, polished and mounted by Hoya in Japan.  The photos on this page were made using infrared-enabled digital cameras and our Hoya RM100 infrared filter that passes infrared at 1000 nanometers while blocking all visible light. Surfaces that reflect infrared light appear white and those that absorb it appear black.



Hoya RM100 IR Filter 49mm

Note: In order to use this filter effectively, you will need a modified digital camera that has had the internal infrared blocking filter (“hot mirror filter”) removed. Please contact us for more information. 

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