Quack Radioactive Devices

Overview of These Antiques: They heyday of Radium saw numerous radioactive medical and other devices appear on the market. Infused with a small amount of Radium, these devices promised many benefits to users in the early 1900’s. The devices below do not provide any medicinal or other benefits whatsoever, and indeed being radioactive they should not be used for these purposes. Rather, they are for collectors of early devices who are interested in this bygone era of Radium.

Beautiful Antique Durofrequenz Belt

Beautiful Antique Durofrequenz Belt

Description: This device is essentially a Violet Ray belt complete with incredibly rare Aeona radium electrodes. The neon fill will glow at a small distance from a high frequency device as shown in the last photo. This device was manufactured in the early 1930s in Germany. Similar to vest above, this belt was to be worn to imbue the beneficial effects of Radium. The instruction manual is also shown.

Translation to English: The inside of the box literally says “Before the turning on of the current request / ask I in any case the belt such fastened, that the electrode tightly on the body lies. Figuratively it says "Before turning on the current, I request that you absolutely ensure that the belt is fastened in such way, that the electrode is in tight contact with the body." The cover of the manual says "Attachable multi-electrodes for high-frequency [continuous / prolonged] treatment."

Surface Radioactivity: Each pod measures 56,000 CPM and 17 mR/hr with a Ludlum Model 3 and 44-9 probe.

Price: $1000 Shipping: $25 No international shipping. 

Set of Seven Radio-Rem Emanators (Version C) 

Set of Seven Radio-Rem Emanators (Version C)

Description: These emanators contain a ceramic rod or stick that is infused with Radium Sulphate. The device was designed to release Radon gas into water.  The instructions were to fill the bottles with water and leave them to charge over a four day period. After four days, the user was instructed to drink one bottle in the morning and drink a second in the afternoon. More information on this device can be found at Oak Ridge Associates Universities. The spectrometer shows the presence of Ra-226 in the rods, measured through the glass.


Extremely Rare Antique Radioactive Solar Pad Kit







Extremely Rare Antique Radioactive Solar Pad Kit

Description: This 1920’s kit features the solar pad, the original box, guarantee, and radiograph photo created by the device. A quack device from the heydays of Radium, it is slightly radioactive. The kit also includes an incredible amount of additional documentation including:  typed letters from the company to the buyer, a receipt, hand written notes, signed guarantees, and other documentation

Surface Radioactivity: 9000 CPM and 2.5 mR/hr with a Ludlum Model 3 and 44-9 probe.

Price: $600 Shipping: $25 No international shipping.

Radioactive Necklace




Radioactive Necklace

Description: This necklace was prepared and polished by a jeweler from a Ruggles Mine specimen of Uraninite, Schoepite and various Uranium alteration minerals. 

Surface Radioactivity: 150,000 CPM and 50 mR/hr with a Ludlum Model 3 and 44-9 probe.

Price: $500 Shipping: $25 No international shipping.

Antique "Radium Ore" Revigator


Antique "Radium Ore" Revigator

Description: Very rare Radium Ore Revigator in superb condition from the early 1900's. The Revigator was patented in 1912 by R. W. Thomas, by the Radium Ore Revigator Co. of San Francisco, CA. According to instructions printed on the Revigator and the 30 page instruction manual, the user was supposed to fill with water overnight. The water would be irradiated by the uranium and radium in the liner (which was made with the Uranium mineral Carnotite), and then was to be consumed the next day. Marketed as a health device, in addition to Radon, the water also contained arsenic, lead, vanadium, and uranium - all of which were in the liner. Therefore it was not a good idea to drink water from the Revigator.

The Revigator is 12" tall and 9" in diameter. It weighs about 10 pounds. As shown in the photo, this is an exceptionally active Revigator with interior measurements show almost 100,000 CPM.

Price: $1000 Shipping: $50 No international shipping. 

Picnic Version of the Revigator





Revig 6

Revig 7

Revig 10

Picnic Version of the Revigator

Description: Extremely rare “on-the-go” Revigator - picnic size! Fully intact, with all original materials including the outer metal carrying case. About 20,000 CPM with a 44-3 detector at the mouth of the Revigator (as opposed to inside the Revigator above). 

Price: $1200 Shipping: $50 No international shipping. 

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